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a tutaj coś w związku z występem Anki w meczu gwiazd.

All-Star Q&A: Indiana’s Anna DeForge

When Anna DeForge's phone rang on Monday, she did not know what to expect. The Indiana Fever had the day off after defeating the Washington Mystics at home on Sunday night and getting a call from Fever General Manager Kelly Krauskopf and PR Director Kevin Messenger made her a little nervous.

There was no need to worry. The call was relaying good news as the veteran guard was informed that she had been selected by the fans as a starter in the 2007 All-Star Game.'s Brian Martin spoke with DeForge to discuss her selection to the Eastern Conference All-Star Team and what she is looking forward to most about All-Star weekend.

Q. What was your initial reaction when you heard you were voted as a starter in the All-Star game?
DeForge: "Honestly, I was very, very shocked, but pleasantly surprised. I’m just very thankful to all of the fans who took the time to go out and vote and I’ll do my best to represent them."

Q. I heard that getting the call on an off-day gave you a bit of a scare?
DeForge: "My GM and Kevin were calling me at the same time. They put me on speakerphone and I was like 'Okay, Kelly you never really call me so what’s the deal, did you trade me?' They actually told me I was voted by the fans to start in the All-Star Game. I didn’t believe them for like five minutes, I just thought it was some joke, but I guess it is the truth and I will be there."

Q. Was making the All-Star Team a goal of yours?
DeForge: "Actually, no. Individual things, All-Star teams and awards are not really goals of mine. I want to be the best player that I can be obviously and keep learning stuff, keep getting better every year. But I also want to the best I can be for the team I’m on and that happens to be the Fever. For me it’s never about personal stuff, I’m really just looking forward to this team continuing to do what we do and win. Our goal is a championship and I think that’s our focus as a team and even as a player for me, the goal here is a championship."

Q. Have you attended the All-Star Games in the past?
DeForge: "I was an All-Star in 2004 when they picked the All-Star Team and then we played the Olympic team. It was the WNBA All-Stars vs. Team USA. It was a similar setup to other All-Star weekends, they had us everywhere out and about. The only difference was the game, we weren’t at the Garden, we were at Radio City."

Q. What was it like to play a basketball game at Radio City Music Hall?
DeForge: "It was really different; it was a unique experience because the court hardly fit in there. Obviously there wasn’t a lot of close seating for fans, but it was different setup. Every fan in there probably had a great seat because it wasn’t as big as a regular arena."

Q. What are you looking forward to most at this year's All-Star Game?
DeForge: "It’s a big shock that I’m even going to be attending. I'll just have to change my mindset. I had a vacation with my family planned. I’m just looking forward to going to D.C. and enjoying the time there and all of the activities. This is an event for the fans. It’s going to be a really relaxed weekend. For the players, we’re going to have fun with it."

Q. What is your favorite thing about Washington D.C.? Is there any place you HAVE to go? Any favorite restaurants or tourist spots?
DeForge: "I just think that D.C. is such a pretty city with all of the buildings, it’s so green. I like the Georgetown area a lot. I try to get down there whenever I’m there."

Q. The Fever have been one of the best teams in the East. What will it take to maintain that pace in the second half of the season?
DeForge: "I think we need to stay focused. We have to stay focused every game, not get ahead of ourselves and we just have to get better every game. We have to be the best team we can possibly be at the end of the year. We want to have the best record in the East, we want to have the best record in the WNBA and then go from there and carry all of that over to getting past Detroit and winning a championship."

Q. It will be you and Fever teammate Tamika Catchings, and then the rest of the All-Star starting lineup comes from Detroit. Is it going to be a little odd to play with those players that you are battling in the East during the season?
DeForge: "I don’t think so because it’s just a relaxed weekend. It’s not where you have to have your competitive face on. Of course you want to win the game. It will be fun to play with all of the other talent in the league that the fans wanted there."
Jeśli ktoś w Krakowie zapyta się za 20 lat: kim była DeForge? Odpowiedź będzie tylko jedna: wielką zawodniczką!

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Turniej kręgli i spotkanie z kibicami:)




Więcej zdjęć
Jeśli ktoś w Krakowie zapyta się za 20 lat: kim była DeForge? Odpowiedź będzie tylko jedna: wielką zawodniczką!

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fajny wywiad z Anią, zwłaszcza część w której Catch się o niej wypowiada

DeForge Stepping Up at the Right Time
By Brian Martin,

Indiana's Anna DeForge leads the WNBA in scoring during the playoffs with 25.0 points per game on 57 percent shootng.
Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine that losing your leader in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals for 13 games could possibly help your team, but an argument can be made that Tamika Catchings sitting out the final month of the regular season with a foot injury may be paying dividends for the Indiana Fever during its playoff run.

Sure, Indiana stood atop the Eastern Conference standings at 16-4 before Catchings suffered a plantar fascia tear in her left foot on July 20. The Fever lost that night and dropped their next five straight games as well. They went 5-8 without her in the lineup to close the season and dropped from the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs to the second seed, which cost them home-court advantage in the Eastern Conference Finals against Detroit.

So, how could this possibly help the team? It forced the rest of the Fever players to step up their play in order to fill the large shoes (16.6 points, 9.0 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 3.1 blocks a night) left behind by the MVP candidate.

“That’s one of the things that we talked about when I did go out, is somebody has to step up, and not just one person, people have to step up in every facet of the game,” Catchings said. “It’s not like scoring is the only thing that I did. Scoring, rebounding, assists, defense and intensity on the court, all of those things came into play.”

Enter shooting guard Anna DeForge. The All-Star starter averaged 7.6 points per game prior to Catchings’ injury and steadily elevated her scoring as the regular season came to a close, including a season-high 29-point performance against Connecticut in the final week.

As the playoffs began last week, though, the buzz around the Fever centered on Catchings’ return to the lineup and how effective she would be in her first games back from the foot injury -- if she were able to play at all.

After Indiana’s classic triple-overtime Game 1 against Connecticut, the buzz shifted back to DeForge, who equaled her career-high with 31 points and hit clutch 3-pointers at the end of regulation and at the end of the first overtime to keep the Fever alive, although the Sun did prevail in the end.

DeForge continued to burn up the nets in Indiana’s Game 2 rout of the Sun, scoring a team-high 26 points in just 28 minutes of play. In the series-deciding Game 3, DeForge chipped in 18 points to help the Fever get past their nemesis and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. After the first round of postseason play, DeForge leads the league in scoring at 25.0 points a game and is shooting a blistering 57 percent from the field and 44 percent from 3-point range.

“My confidence is high right now,” DeForge said. “I’m just in such a good rhythm right now and I’m being aggressive. I’m doing what I need to be doing in order for this team to be successful. I’m not doing anything out of context. I am shooting a very good percentage and I hope it stays that way.”

DeForge is not the only player that has raised her game for Indiana. Tamika Whitmore is averaging 20 points per game in the playoffs, which is nearly double her regular season average. Indiana also received strong contributions from Sheri Sam and Tully Bevilaqua in the first round.

“What you’re seeing now with this entire team, not just me individually, is the work we put in when we didn’t have Tamika in our lineup,” DeForge said. “A lot of people, including myself, stepped up in her absence. Right now we share the same mentality in this locker room. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on the court or if you’re sitting on the bench, we just have a complete and utter belief in each other and we have an aggressive mentality and we know we can get it done.”

Catchings, who is averaging 19.7 points and 15.3 rebounds in the playoffs, has been impressed by DeForge’s play both during her absence and now that she has returned.

“One of the things we look for Anna to do is score and she finally stepped up,” Catchings said. “She is a great shooter and she has the confidence from all of us. I told her, ‘When you’re open, or you think you can get open, shoot those shots. I’d rather you shoot and miss than we turn it over and not get a shot off at all.’

“And once she started hitting those shots, her confidence has gone sky high and I just tell her, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing. Just because I’m back, don’t stop shooting the ball the way that you know you can shoot. I’m going to keep riding with it too. As long as you’re scoring, I’m going to keep trying to get you the ball.’”

Catchings had hoped to return to the Fever lineup prior to the playoffs in order to test her foot and get back into a rhythm with her teammates. While her foot would not allow that to happen, Catchings found she quickly regained the chemistry with her teammates, which was no surprise to DeForge.

“When someone of her caliber comes back, there’s going to be no interruption of flow,” DeForge said. “She’s just too good in every aspect of this game, whether it be things that you don’t see on the stat sheet like defensive help or distracting somebody or matchup problems that she creates.

“Of course you see the points, you see the rebounds, you see the assists, you see the steals all the time, but when someone of her caliber comes back, there’s never going to be a grace period for a team.”

DeForge and her teammates have continued to play at the high level they were at prior to Catchings’ return from injury, which helped propel Indiana past Connecticut in the first round of the playoffs.

“This is the playoffs and we’re not going to win with just Tamika,” DeForge said. “And everybody knows that, even Tamika. As far as the people around her, we’ve each taken our game up another level to get to our goal, and that’s to win a WNBA championship.”
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No chyba że tutaj są emeryci, renciści, bądź inne osoby, które mają nadmiar czasu wolnego i szperają od A do Z

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coś o campie, który tradycyjnie już odbył się w drugi dzień świąt.

Home for the holidays
Niagara’s Anna DeForge returns for annual basketball camp

David Warnshuis/The Daily News Photo

NIAGARA NATIVE and WNBA All-Star Anna DeForge receives a basketball before her successful half-court shot attempt at the conclusion of the Anna DeForge Basketball Camp at Niagara High School Wednesday. DeForge hosted the eighth annual skills camp for a total of 65 kids ranging in age from eight to 17.


NIAGARA, Wis. — The first question sparked an amazing answer.

As is her custom, Niagara grad and current WNBA All-Star Anna DeForge gathered all 65 participants in a circle at the conclusion of the Anna DeForge Basketball Camp Wednesday in the Niagara High School gym.

During the final question-and-answer period, many of the age 6-to-17 campers shouted more of a request than a question.

“Make your half-court shot!” one yelled out.

“Yeah!” was seconded by several more.

“Okay, I’ll take three shots,” DeForge replied. “If I miss, that’s it.”

It took only 30 seconds for a basketball to be delivered to the Rosemary and Roger DeForge’s daughter, who then turned to face the north basket and launched the half-court missile.

Delivered with ease, the shot rainbowed perfectly and parted the twine as it went through without touching iron - much to the delight of her campers.

“This is my eighth year running this camp,” DeForge said. “Unfortunately, I don’t get back home as much as I’d like because of my schedule.”

The official Anna DeForge schedule makes a multi-tasker look like a slacker.

For the third straight year, DeForge spends six months out of the year in Krakow, Poland, with Wisla Can-Pack of the Euroleague.

As soon as the Euroleague season ends in May, DeForge heads immediately to Indianapolis, where she averaged 16.8 points per game last season as a starting guard, earning her second WNBA All-Star bid.

Finishing second in the regular-season Eastern Conference standings, the highlight of DeForge‘s career to date includes the 2007 playoffs where the Fever eliminated Connecticut in the Eastern Conference semifinals then got bounced by Detroit two-games-to-one in a tight conference final battle.

In the conference semis with Connecticut, two of the three contests went into overtime and all three Eastern Conference Final games with Detroit were close battles.

“We missed the WNBA Finals by one game,” DeForge said. “If you missed the playoffs on ESPN2, you missed some really good games.”

DeForge’s banner 2007 season with Indiana comes at an opportune time as the Niagara High and University of Nebraska alum is an unrestricted free agent for the upcoming year. She still calls Indiana home but DeForge still wants to test the waters of WNBA interest and see what is out there for her.

“I think only a couple of times in your career do you actually have the power to make the decision,” DeForge said. “I’m not going to lose my negotiating right and I’m going to see what is out there.”

“You have to take emotion out of your decision and hope you can fill a need on a team,” she added. “I love the Fever and my teammates but I’m going to see what my options are at this point.”

In order to keep things in perspective and personal, DeForge does not employ an agent and represents herself in contract negotiations.

If she needs mentoring, she turns to her good friend Nancy Lieberman, a basketball hall-of-famer and coach of the Detroit Shock in 2000, DeForge’s first season in the WNBA.

“If I need assistance, I call Nancy and she helps me out,” DeForge said.

After shutting the doors on another successful hoop camp, DeForge isn’t allowed the luxury of an extended homecoming. It is right back to Europe and Euroleague play just hours after the last camper exited the Badgers’ gymnasium - the site of many fond memories for the 1994 Niagara graduate.

I think of high school games and not just basketball but volleyball,” DeForge said. “We had some very good volleyball teams when I was here and all my high school memories are right here in this gym.”

DeForge loves to “give something back” to the community that she grew up in and hopes that her teaching can help many more players create their own memories.

“Organizing this camp is my treat to the community and giving back,” DeForge said. “I love to teach and share my experiences with the children of the area.”

DeForge is very aware of the ones who taught her when she was growing up and she loves the life that her talent and prep athletics have made possible.

However, every time she returns home, the shiny hardwood also remind her of the friends that also shared the same memories and enjoyed success in the halls of Niagara High School.

“I’ve seen maybe a handful of my classmates since I left because I’ve been so busy,” DeForge concluded. “I just don’t get back here as much as I’d like. That’s what I think about.”
Jeśli ktoś w Krakowie zapyta się za 20 lat: kim była DeForge? Odpowiedź będzie tylko jedna: wielką zawodniczką!

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Jeśli ktoś w Krakowie zapyta się za 20 lat: kim była DeForge? Odpowiedź będzie tylko jedna: wielką zawodniczką!

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świetna robota :D Gratuluje :)

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taki mały konkursik na stronce, więc zapraszamy;)
Jeśli ktoś w Krakowie zapyta się za 20 lat: kim była DeForge? Odpowiedź będzie tylko jedna: wielką zawodniczką!

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Postautor: Kuba » 27 stycznia 2008, 23:35

ann pisze:taki mały konkursik na stronce, więc zapraszamy;)

skorzystałem z zaproszenia, mam nadzieję ze dobrze wiedziałem z tymi punktami ... :P

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Postautor: Eve » 22 lutego 2008, 15:15

<b>Q&A with Anna DeForge</b>

<b>Welcome to the Minnesota Lynx family! Are you excited to have made your decision as an unrestricted free agent so that you can prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming season in the Lynx system?</b>
Anna DeForge: I am excited that I am now a part of the Minnesota Lynx family. I grew up not that far away from the Twin Cities, so I’m thrilled to be playing close to home again. Now that everything is finalized, I now have piece of mind about where I will be spending my summer, and I can finally prepare for my future with the Lynx and begin thinking about what the season will be like playing alongside Seimone, Lindsey, Noelle and the rest of my new teammates.

<b>Coach Z is really excited about your addition to our young and talented nucleus of players because of your veteran leadership both on and off the court, your ability to score effectively, your competitive nature, and your playoff experience. What do you think you will bring to our young team?</b>
AD: I will bring all the intangibles that Coach Z wants from me to help make the Lynx a contender in 2008. Look, I know the last few seasons have not been easy for the Lynx and did not end the way fans would have liked, but I want to win as much as any player who puts on a uniform in the WNBA, and I would not have come to Minnesota if I didn’t believe in Coach Z and his plan to lead the Lynx to a championship. After winning only 10 games in each of the last two seasons, I know it may be hard for people to believe, but I firmly believe that this team will be a contender much faster than most people outside of Minnesota expect.

<b>What’s your scouting report on Anna DeForge?</b>
AD: This will be my seventh season in the WNBA. Making it to the playoffs the last two seasons with the Fever, the first time in my career that I had been to the playoffs, I learned a lot about what it takes to win at the next level. We played in the Eastern Conference Finals last year and had a great chance to play the Mercury for the Championship. That experience taught me a lot about the dedication and drive needed from every player on the team in order to be successful in the regular season and in the playoffs. That experience is something that I want to share with my new teammates with the hope that it helps lead us back to the playoffs. At this point in my career, winning a championship is extremely important to me and was one of my highest priorities as I weighed my options this offseason. So, I plan to do whatever is needed to help our team win (and win often). As for my play on the court, I am known more for my ability to score from outside, but I am continuing to work on getting to the rim more and doing more off the dribble. I’m willing to do whatever it takes on the court if it means that it will help us win games.

<b>As an unrestricted free agent, you had an opportunity to sign with any of the 14 teams in the WNBA. Where else did you consider going and what impressed you most about Minnesota that inspired you to don Lynx blue starting in the 2008 season?</b>
AD: To me, there were many factors that made it a very easy decision to sign with the Lynx. I had other offers, but I ultimately chose Minnesota for the challenge to help this young talented team reach the playoffs and contend for the WNBA Championship. In my talks with Coach Z and the coaching staff, I felt a great rapport with them, and I also knew that I would have the chance to work with Coach Plank again if I came to the Lynx. Being close to home was also something that attracted me to the Lynx.

<b>You had a chance to play two seasons with one of the best players in the WNBA in Tamika Catchings. What was it like playing with her?</b>
AD: It was an honor and a privilege to play alongside Catch. She is one of the all-time great competitors in this league. She is the most complete player I’ve played with. On and off the court, she’s just an amazing individual. She was an awesome teammate and she’ll be someone I will always admire for the way she plays.

<b>With Indiana in the Eastern Conference, you had the chance to play the Lynx four times over the last two seasons. What were your impressions of players like Seimone, Lindsey, Noelle, and Nicole?</b>
AD: Seimone is better than advertised and has had to shoulder most of the offensive burden in her two seasons in Minnesota. Both of our games against the Lynx last season came before Lindsey’s knee injury. She showed a lot of promise before she was hurt. I’m excited to see what she will do in a full season now that she is healthy again. Nicole has great footwork for a post player and she has shown a great amount of versatility, playing the center position while Vanessa Hayden was gone as well as the power forward position. As for Noelle Quinn, she didn’t play a lot in the two games that we saw the Lynx last season, but what she did in the second half of the season was incredible. She’s one of the best passers in the league and is only going to get better.

<b>You spent your rookie season with the Detroit Shock then moved on to Phoenix and Indiana, respectively. What are some things that you learned with each team that made you the player that you are today?</b>
AD: Detroit was my first taste of the WNBA. I showed some signs of the player that I am today, but I still had a lot of improving to do at that point. By the time I got to Phoenix, I had spent a couple of years just working on changing my game. I got a chance with the Mercury to show my talent. With the Fever, the two seasons there allowed me to experience the next level because they were always a contender.

<b>Coach Z and Coach Prohofsky really enjoyed talking “the game” with you. Do you consider yourself a student of the game?</b>
AD: I am an x’s and o’s player. I really enjoy the mental side of the game. I enjoy the unique challenge that each game brings. Even though I was an All Star in 2007, I still consider myself to be a student of the game. I am constantly learning new things from the teammates that I play with and the coaches that I have played for, and I am constantly working on my game to find new ways of finding success on the court.

<b>Over the last two seasons, you made the playoffs and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals with the Fever. The Lynx are definitely planning to keep your playoff streak alive this year! How much different did you find the experience of playing in the playoffs versus the regular season?</b>
AD: The one thing that I found in the playoffs in each of the past two seasons is that you must value every possession of every game. You have to execute at the highest level or you will be planning your offseason much faster than you expect. The playoffs are where reputations are made. I still am looking for that ring, so I am expecting big things while I am in a Lynx uniform.

<b>You’ve had some games that players dream of, including during last year’s first-round playoff matchup against the Connecticut Sun where you were draining big shot after big shot. For those of us who will never be fortunate enough to experience an offensive display like that (at least while we are awake), can you tell us what’s going through your mind on nights like that?</b>
AD: I think every player dreams of games like that. Whenever you get an opportunity like that to be successful, you have to take advantage. You can’t pass on opportunities like that if you want to help your team win a game, whether it is in the playoffs or the regular season. As I said earlier, reputations are made in the playoffs. If you let those opportunities pass you by, you’ll always regret it.

<b>While playing with the Indiana Fever the last two seasons, you had a chance to work with Julie Plank, who was hired last month as one of the new assistant coaches in Minnesota. How much are you looking forward to continuing to work with her and what does she bring to the Lynx staff?</b>
AD: I had a great working relationship with Julie while we were both in Indiana. She brings a lot of experience and a wealth of knowledge about this game from almost every level, college, USA Basketball, and the WNBA. Julie has turned programs around at every stop in her career, and I’m thrilled to be back with her in Minnesota where we get the chance to help build the Lynx into a contender together.

<b>You also played in Phoenix, a city where Grandmama continued her legendary playing career. What do you think Jen Gillom brings to the Lynx staff?</b>
AD: Jen’s reputation speaks for itself. She will definitely improve our post play with her teaching ability and with her tremendous enthusiasm. But, I hope she can divert some of her attention to the guards just so she can teach me her fade shot.

<b>Now that you’re a member of the Lynx, what do you think it will take for the Lynx to hoist the WNBA Championship Trophy in the near future?</b>
AD: It will not be an easy process. The players that we have on the roster all need to improve, including myself. Roger and Coach Z can also improve the team through the draft, trades, and free agency. It will take a total team effort, but I am confident that it will happen and I am excited to be a part of the building process.

<b>What number do you plan on wearing here in Minny? Is there any special significance of that number?</b>
AD: I have worn No. 30 throughout my basketball career. I can’t imagine wearing another number. However, the significance of that number in Minnesota isn’t lost on me. Katie Smith is a future Hall-of-Famer. It will be an honor to wear that number. I hope that I can do my part to add to the legacy of the number in Lynx history.

<b>What are some of your favorite memories of playing in the WNBA?</b>
AD: My best seasons in the WNBA have been the two that I spent in Indiana. Not only did I get the chance to play in front of some of the most passionate fans in the WNBA, but I also had an incredible opportunity to play alongside one of the best players in the history of the game in Tamika Catchings. Playing with the Fever allowed me the best chances that I had in my career to date to win a WNBA Championship.

<b>Tell us a little about what you are currently doing. Where are you playing? Who’s on your team? How do you like playing overseas during the off-season?</b>
AD: I am currently playing in Krakow, Poland, playing my third season for Wisla Can-Pack. Candice Dupree, Kara Braxton, and Marta Fernandez are the other WNBA players on the team. Luckily, everyone speaks English because my Polish is pretty poor. The language is really hard. Practices are even conducted in English.

<b>You grew up in Niagara, a small Wisconsin town on the border with Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, so after going away to college at Nebraska and making various stops in the WNBA, are you excited about playing closer to your hometown and friends and family?</b>
AD: I am very excited because this is the closest that I have ever been to home in my professional career. I went to college at Nebraska, so this is really the closest that I have been to home since high school outside of when I was in town with an opposing team. It will be nice to see my family and friends from Niagara in the stands at Target Center for our home games.
<b>Should we expect any busloads of DeForge fans to roll into the Twin Cities from Niagara?</b>
AD: I don’t think I can promise busloads of fans, but I can promise a few fans visiting Target Center throughout the 2008 season. It’s a little less than six hours to get here by car from Niagara, but I’m certain that it will be worth it for them to come see me and my teammates and the excitement that we are expecting this season.

<b>How soon can Lynx fans expect to see you return to the United States and make your move to the Twin Cities?</b>
AD: I won’t make it into Minnesota until my season here in Poland is over. With the playoffs here, that will probably keep me away until May. It will be warm in Minnesota by then, right?

<b>The Lynx will celebrate their 10th season in the WNBA in 2008. How excited are you to be a part of that celebration?</b>
AD: I always enjoy a good party! Honestly, though, the fact that the Lynx are celebrating 10 seasons in the WNBA speaks volumes about the commitment to the Lynx organization by the fans, season-ticket holders, sponsors, and the people of the Twin Cities.

<b>Do you have any nicknames?</b>
AD: Really, AD is the only one that I have.

<b>Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 lakes and the Twin Cities is known for the Mall of America. Are you a shopper or do you like to spend time at the lake?</b>
AD: Being that I grew up close to three of the Great Lakes (Michigan, Superior, and Huron), I have always enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time relaxing by the lake. I also won’t turn down a trip to the mall to do some shopping either. In Minnesota, I’m real happy that you get the best of both worlds. However, I anticipate a lot of time spent in the gym this summer as we work together on leading the Lynx back to the playoffs.

<b>During your trips to Minneapolis as a visiting player, what are some of your favorite things to do and places to eat?</b>
AD: My family has always met me in Minnesota. Since I spend my offseasons overseas, my visits here to play against the Lynx gave me one of the few chances that I had to spend time with family. I’ve looked forward to those opportunities every season. I always enjoyed catching up with them and eating at the great steakhouses here in Minneapolis.

<b>What do you like to do for fun?</b>
AD: I enjoy traveling and visiting with my friends family, since that doesn’t happen too often, but I also love to shop and my spa days too.

<b>Packers or Vikings?</b>
AD: I’m a lifelong Packers fan, and since Coach Z’s a Vikings fan, we should have some fun talking football this summer. ... 80220.html


<b>Special Delivery from Anna</b>

Hi Lynx fans and Season-Ticket Holders!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be joining the Minnesota Lynx. Not only is it an exciting time for the organization with the 10th Anniversary Season right around the corner, but I am also coming to a team that has a lot of fantastic young talent that is on the cusp of great things. After speaking with Coach Z, I am eager to play alongside Seimone, Lindsey, Noelle, Nicole, Shay and the rest of the team, and I hope to bring some veteran leadership that helps turn this team into a playoff contender in 2008.

Believe me, there would be no better way to celebrate our 10th Anniversary than to end it with a trip to the playoffs. However, as thrilling as it would be to help lead the Lynx back to the playoffs, I will not be satisfied with just making it there. The goal for me every season is to win a WNBA Championship, and I am coming to the Lynx to bring the trophy home to Minnesota.

At the same time, we need your support more than ever before if we are to make that dream a reality this season. While we will be making every effort on the court to make this a special season, a big and loud crowd in the Target Center could make a big difference between wins and losses. Believe it or not, you are very much a part of this team. You are our X-Factor, especially at home. At this level, each possession makes a huge difference throughout the game and especially in the closing minutes. Your energy and support behind us can give us an extra lift in the final minutes of those close games that could make the difference between a win and loss.

I cannot wait for training camp to begin in two months. For me, I will be looking forward to begin work with Coach Z. In my discussions with him during this process, he made it clear to me that this team is on the verge of great things. He has a plan for turning this team into a championship contender. We are going to play with an up-tempo style, and we have a lot of players on this team who can shoot the 3-pointer, which will translate into a lot of points. I am thrilled to be a part of his plan, and I hope to be able to help him raise a championship banner inside Target Center in the very near future. I am also looking forward to training camp so that I can reunite with Coach Julie Plank. In the two seasons that we worked together while with the Fever, we developed a great relationship on and off the court, and she taught me a great deal in those two years that helped me become the player that Coach Z was looking for to help the Lynx.

The 2008 season will be an exciting one for me, for the Lynx, and for all of you. If it was simply just the celebration of the 10th Anniversary, sure, that should be exciting enough to pack the seats in the Target Center. However, I am convinced that the excitement on the court will be unlike anything that Lynx fans have seen in this team’s history. We have the tools to return to the playoffs in 2008. I am certain that we will contend for a championship while I am a part of the organization. I hope to be able to finish my career with the Lynx, and I would love to be able to help bring a championship to you, our fans, and to this organization.

As you can see, 2008 should bring a lot of excitement to the Twin Cities and the Lynx, and I am thrilled to be a part of that. I cannot wait to return from Poland this spring to begin working in the Minneapolis community and to start meeting all of you. I hope to see you all in the Target Center stands this summer.

Anna ... 80220.html

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Postautor: ann » 15 marca 2008, 09:56

Camp i trening młodziczek w obiektywie

Dzięki uprzejmości Pani Agnieszki Wantuch, która wraz z Martą Starowicz zorganizowała pierwszy wiślacki camp dla dziewcząt, poprowadzony przez Annę, prezentujemy dziś na łamach naszego serwisu kilkanaście zdjęć z tego właśnie wydarzenia.
Dodajmy, że nie był to jednorazowy udział Anny i jej koleżanek w treningu najmłodszych koszykarek Wisły. 31 stycznia Ania wraz z Jeleną Skerović oraz Karą Braxton uczestniczyły w treningu młodziczek. Zdjęcia z tego wydarzenia również do oglądnięcia tylko w naszym serwisie.

Jeszcze raz serdecznie gratulujemy organizacji Campu trenerkom najmłodszych żeńskich grup koszykarskich na Wiśle, a Pani Agnieszce dodatkowo bardzo dziękujemy za fotografie:)


Jeśli ktoś w Krakowie zapyta się za 20 lat: kim była DeForge? Odpowiedź będzie tylko jedna: wielką zawodniczką!

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Postautor: ann » 19 maja 2008, 18:30

New Minnesota Lynx guard Anna DeForge knows downtown on court, not off it

New Lynx player brings experience, three-point threat
By Tim Leighton

Lynx guard Anna De Forge waits patiently to pose for another photo by team photographer David Sherman during Minnesota Lynx Media Day Monday morning May 12, 2008. (Pioneer Press: John Doman)Anna DeForge could have used a road map to help navigate her way through Minnesota Lynx Media Day on Monday. The key offseason acquisition arrived in the Twin Cities last week after playing in Poland.

"I am very new to the area,'' said DeForge, entering her seventh year in the WNBA. "I am still trying to find Target Center without turning on the wrong street. ... I still have to learn names.''

The Lynx certainly don't need an introduction to DeForge, 32, a sniper from three-point range. She signed as a free agent in February after being pursued by Indiana and Detroit.

The acquisition of DeForge gives the Lynx and their rebuilding effort instant credibility.

After two consecutive 10-24 seasons, the Lynx have drafted marquee talent in rookies Candice Wiggins, Nicky Anosike and Charde Houston. DeForge will give one of the youngest teams in the WNBA a veteran presence and also outside shooting.

Last season, the Lynx made 163 of 496 three-pointers (32.9 percent).

"Signing Anna sent a message to the league that Minnesota is a place where free agents want to be,'' Lynx coach Don Zierden said. "We won the battle, so to speak, with Indiana and Detroit to get her here. That was huge. She also gives us the shooter mentality. We were not a very good three-point shooting team last year, that's for sure.''

DeForge, who made 43 of 105 three-pointers (41 percent) last season, admits the promise of getting shots was a reason she came to the Lynx.

Lynx star guard Seimone Augustus is thrilled to have DeForge as a teammate.
"With Anna here, things are going to change; you can already see that,'' Augustus said. "She wants to be a part of something that is going to be special. It will be great having her as a scoring option.''

"I won't have all the answers (for the Lynx), but I have experience," DeForge said. "I have playoff experience. I have played at every level. I'm here to contribute.''

Briefly: The Lynx released guard Brittney Vaughn, who signed with the team as a free agent on April 21.
Jeśli ktoś w Krakowie zapyta się za 20 lat: kim była DeForge? Odpowiedź będzie tylko jedna: wielką zawodniczką!

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Postautor: KIBIC » 19 maja 2008, 21:33 !!

(> <)

This is Bunny.
Copy Bunny into your signature
to help him on his way to world Domination :lol:

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Postautor: ann » 06 listopada 2008, 18:21

DeForge: Wracam do Europy


Anna DeForge na meczu z Besiktasem (w środku), Fot Tomasz Markowski /Agencja Przegląd Sportowy

Była liderka Wisły Can-Pack Kraków Anna DeForge gościła na środowym meczu mistrzyń Polski z Besiktasem Stambuł w Eurolidze. Amerykanka zapowiedziała powrót na europejskie parkiety.

Na razie DeForge odpoczywa od koszykówki. - Potrzebowałam tego, zarówno pod względem fizycznym, jak i psychicznym. Od kilku lat grałam non-stop w USA i Europie, teraz wreszcie mam czas, żeby odpocząć - powiedziała nam była wiślaczka.

Rozbrat Amerykanki z basketem wkrótce dobiegnie końca. - Od stycznia wracam do gry. Gdzie zagram? Na pewno w Europie, ale nie w Polsce - podkreśla. Zapytaliśmy ją, czy to prawda, że złożyła propozycję Lotosowi PKO BP Gdynia.

- Nie, to nie jest prawdą. Nie mam pojęcia skąd wziął się ten temat. O sprawie dowiedziałam się od moich znajomych z Polski. Dziwna sytuacja - wyjaśnia DeForge.

Amerykanka przyjechała do Krakowa na dwa tygodnie w celach towarzyskich. - Mam tu wielu przyjaciół, chciałam ich odwiedzić, to wszystko - mówi wciąż aktualna mistrzyni Polski.

Fani, gdy zobaczyli byłą gwiazdę drużyny na trybunach zgotowali jej owację na stojąco, a przedstawiciele Stowarzyszenia Kibiców Wisły Kraków wręczyli koszykarce bukiet kwiatów, statuetkę i koszulkę z numerem 30 (z którym grała DeForge) i napisem "Thanks 4 all" (dziękujemy za wszystko).

- Bardzo dziękuje kibicom. Nie spodziewałam tak miłego przyjęcia. Spędziłam tu trzy wspaniałe lata. To był specjalny czas w mojej karierze - przyznała Amerykanka, z którą klub za porozumieniem stron rozwiązał po zakończeniu ostatniego sezonu obowiązującą przez jeszcze jeden rok umowę.

Czy chciałaby jeszcze kiedyś zagrać w Wiśle? - Pozostawię to bez komentarza, to nie zależy ode mnie - odparła DeForge.

źródło informacji:
Dariusz Jaroń


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I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.

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